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Grand Rapids Botanicals is excited to give Michigan a real alternative to expensive and inferior smoke shop, head shop, and gas station kratom. We want to be your kratom store of choice, therefore we’re ready to earn your business. In addition, you can also shop kratom online where buying quality powder has never been easier. We do, however, hope to see you in person at Grand Rapids Botanicals.

Kratom Leaves and Powder

The Best Quality Kratom

Grand Rapids Botanicals only sells the freshest kratom products. We don't water down our inventory with non-kratom products like CBD.

We Know Our Kratom Farmers

Grand Rapids Botanicals has a direct relationship with our kratom farmers. We have personally inspected the manufacturing facilities.

Organic Kratom

No pesticides or chemicals are ever used on the kratom we sell. Only the freshest organic kratom leaves are used for our products.

Mix and Match Kratom

We encourage you to mix and match kratom strains to achieve maximum results! We understand the importance of variety.

Lab Tested Kratom

It's important that you feel safe about purchasing kratom products. We lab test all of our kratom for potency, bio contaminants, and heavy metals.

Bulk Kratom Pricing

The more kratom you buy, the less you spend! Grand Rapids Botanicals employs a discount pricing structure that rewards bulk buying.

We Carry 40 Strains of Kratom
Huge variety

We Carry 40 Strains of Kratom

Grand Rapids Botanicals stocks every vein color of kratom: red, green, yellow, white and even blended veins. In addition, we carry a large selection of kratom from each different vein type. For example, within the red vein there are choices such as Red Sumatra, Red Vietnam and Red Bali, just to name a few. We don’t want you to ever get bored, thus we stock 40 different strains of kratom.

From ounces to kilos

How Our Kratom Store Works

Grand Rapids Botanicals sells kratom in 1, 2, and 4 ounce FDA approved resealable bags. Unlike other kratom vendors, you may mix and match strains and vein colors to your heart’s content. You are able to buy as little as 1 ounce or as much as several kilos. Our pricing structure is such that the more kratom you purchase, the cheaper each ounce becomes. In addition, all first time customers will receive 1 free ounce (in-store only) with any size purchase. 

Grand Rapids Botanicals Bag of Kratom
Kratom veins

Shop By Vein Color

Kratom strains

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